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Code of Ethics

This Association expects that the following rules shall guide the acts of each of its members.


Members shall…


Ø   Be guided in all relations by high standards of integrity and fair dealing

Ø   Uphold before the public at all times the dignity of the profession generally and the reputation of the Association

Ø   Avoid and discourage exaggerated and unwarranted statements

Ø   Refuse to undertake work believed to be unprofitable to the principle without first advising of the improbability of successful results

Ø   Uphold the principal that unreasonably low prices frequently result in inferior and unreliable work

Ø   Refuse the loan of their name to any questionable enterprise

Ø   Be conservative in estimates, reports, testimony, etc. in connection with the promotion of any business enterprise

Ø   Not engage in any project which is contrary to law or public welfare

Ø   Not falsely or maliciously injure directly or indirectly the reputation, prospects, or general welfare of another

Ø   Not attempt to conceal oversights or errors to lessen responsibility of mistakes

Ø   Present contracts that are sound and fair to all parties; contractor, principal and owners

Ø   Treat with the strictest confidence the prices, sub-bids and other information furnished by sub-contractors and suppliers

Ø   Not divulge any business secrets or confidential knowledge of principal's business affairs

Ø   Under no circumstances be guilty of undignified or questionable professional conduct or behavior that could unfavorably reflect upon the Professional Construction Estimators Association and/or the Association's individual members


PCEA - Columbia Chapter

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